Galactic Grey/Cosmic Black, Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Tilt Steering Manual, Telescopic Steering Manual, Multifunction Steering Wheel, Paddle Shifters, Bluetooth, Keyless Entry Factory, Cruise Control, 7 Airbags Front/Sides/Curtains/Knee, Tachometer, Traction Control, Stability Control, Power Mirrors Retractable/Signalized, Power Windows, Central Locking Factory, 5 Seat Belts Front Pre-tensioned, Radio/TV/CD Player Factory, Anti-Theft System Factory, Halogen Headlamps, Driving Lamps, Front Colour Keyed Bumper, 5 Alloy Rims Factory 17 Inch, Front Mudflaps, Tint Aftermarket, Roof Luggage Rails, Anti-Lock Brakes, Fender Flares, Side Body Cladding, 2 Wheel Disc Brakes, High Mounted Brake Lamp, High Mounted Brake Lamp, High Mounted Brake Lamp, Rear Glass Demister, Rear Wiper, Reverse Camera, Rear Colour Keyed Bumper, Rear Mudflaps, Rear Proximity Sensors, Dash Cam & Amber Connect GPSTracker.
Location: St. Catherine
Body Type: SUV
Driver Side: RHD
Drive Type: 2WD/FWD
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel type: Gas
CC rating: 1600
Mileage: 32,329km

1 (876) 379-5257
Call – 1 (876) 379-5257

When you call, please say you saw it on Beego.

Contact Number: 18763795257

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